Administration Overview

Role: Core Administrator

The Administration tab allows core administrators to manage a range of core-level settings and configuration options for their site.  This tab is not visible to users of the facility.

  1. Pricing‍: Set up price type exceptions for specific customers
  2. Custom Forms‍: Create and modify customer forms used in service request, schedules and other workflows
  3. Members Settings‍: Manage the access levels of members of the core staff
  4. Other Settings: Manage a wide range of settings that control the behavior of your core's workflow
  5. Billing‍: Shortcut link to the billing tab
  6. Upload Charges: This is a deprecated interface that is not longer in use. For more information on uploading charges, see Charge Entry Overview‍ 
  7. Collaborative Cores‍: This is an institution setting that when enabled, will populate this panel. Collaborative cores allows for 2 or more cores to share a service request with other cores at their institution.
  8. Customer Test Mode‍: Enter into a mode that displays the core as a core customer would see it. 
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