About Our Core Tab

Role: All users

The left-most tab of a core's iLab site‍ provides general information about that facility. This tab is typically labeled About Our Core, however, this label may vary on some sites. Each core and institution determines what content they wish to include on their About page, so exact layout and information will vary to reflect relevant information for a particular core. 

If you have a direct URL to navigate to the core's external landing page, an external version of the About page is accessible even when you are not yet logged in to your iLab account. On this external version, "Sign In" and "Register" buttons are provided. You are required to log in to your iLab account to submit a request or schedule equipment use.

A sample template of the About page is shown below:

As illustrated, information that a core may provide on their About page includes:

  • A general facility overview; usage rules or requirements.
  • Location and hours of service.
  • Links to relevant websites or other resources.
  • "Contacts" section for details of how to contact the core staff regarding any scheduling, service or billing-related questions.
  • Map of facility location.
  • News or facility announcements.
  • Other content, as determined by the core

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