Initiating Work Off of a Study

Role: Core Administrators and Customers

You can see a list of all your core's proposed, current, and past studies on the Studies tab.

Once you've associated service request templates with the study and clicked the 'start' button, you can begin to initiate work off of that study (see the Reviewing and Approving a Study‍ section for more information). To schedule against a particular service project template, you can use the quick actions bar in the left hand menu, the blue initiate button on the template rows, or use the initiate button on the study list view. 

As previously mentioned, you can initiate a service request off of a study in a few places: 1) Click the ‘initiate’ button located in the Quick Actions of the study details. 

2) Click on the ‘initiate’ button next to the service project template row in the Templates section of the study details.

 3) When you hover over the right hand side of the study in the studies list view, an ‘initiate’ button will display and allow you to select the appropriate service request. 

Please note: the "initiate" button will only display once service request template(s) have been added to the study. For instructions on how associate service request templates, please reference the Templates section in Key Panel Features.‍ 

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