Roles: PI, Lab/Group Manager

The Members tab of a Lab/Group is used by a PI or Lab Manager to set financial approval levels and to manage lab memberships. 

Members Tab Layout

The layout of the Members tab is illustrated below:

  1. Lab-wide approval settings: Set the financial approval thresholds across the Lab/Group
  2. Lab member and settings: Add/remove users from the lab/group and manage their settings

Set Approval Thresholds

Every Service Request submitted by your lab members is subject to a financial approval (for more information see Request Services‍). You can define two settings for your lab related to these financial approvals:

  • Default auto-approve threshold: This setting defines the maximum dollar amount of a service request that can be automatically approved. In the example above, a service request can have a cost of up to $500 to receive auto-approval.
  • Cost overage buffer: This setting defines the amount that a service request can go over original agree-upon cost before a notification is sent to the PI and Lab Managers. In the example below, a service request can go $100 over the original cost before a notification is sent.

Manage Lab/Group Members

The Manage Lab/Group Members panel can be used to add/remove members from the lab/group and to manage various settings for the members. 

  1. Member icons: The various icons cab be used to view (or modify) information about each member:
    • Role (person icon): Hover over this icon to display the role of the user. Blue icons indicate PIs or group members, while yellow icons indicate lab/group managers. See also Key iLab Terms‍.
    • Financial contact (dollar icon): This icon indicates that the manager is also a financial contact. This means they will be sent a notification e-mail when a service request by one of the lab members requires financial approval. It will also list the manager as a financial contact for core staff, so they can be more easily communicated with (e.g. to manually send copies of invoices). Note that all lab managers can perform financial approvals; the financial contact status only impact if they receive notification. 
    • Edit member (pencil icon): Allows you to edit various fields and setting for the member (see item 2 below). 
    • Remove member (red X icon): Remove the user from this lab. They will not be deleted from iLab altogether, only their association with this lab will be removed. 
  2. Edit member: As described above, clicking the pencil icon allows you to edit various fields for the member:
    • Auto Approval Amount: You can override the lab default auto-approval threshold for each member with this field, for example to provide certain lab members with more discretion in making purchases. 
    • Lvl: This drop-down specifies the role of the lab member, i.e. Member, Manager or Principal Investigator (see Key iLab Terms‍)
    • Can order?: This setting applies to iLab's requisitioning system {ADD LINK} and indicates that this member can order lab supplies. Typically not enabled for core facility users. 
    • Email: The contact e-mail address of the user (does not impact the e-mail address they use to login with)
    • Phone: Contact phone number for the user
    • Start date: The start date for the user as a member of the lab/group. If set to a point in the future, the user will not be associated with the lab until the start date. This can be used to set up lab members in advance, without giving them access until their start date. If left empty, the user will be active immediately. 
    • End date: The end date for the user as a member of the lab/group. After the end date, the user will be removed from the lab. Any charges with a purchase date prior to the end date can be successfully billed, but no new charges can be incurred against the funds of the lab. If left empty, the user will be a member indefinitely. To review and possibly modify lab members whose memberships expired (for example, to extend their membership), click on the "Show expired memberships" link (only visible if there are expired memberships):
    • Save / Cancel: Save the modified fields, or cancel any changes. 
  3. Add new user: If enabled for your institution, create a new user and add them to your lab. Complete the fields as described above under Edit member and click "Add". The user will sent a welcome e-mail with username and password. 
  4. Link existing user: Add an existing user to your lab as a member. Type part of the name in the search box, select the user, complete the role, start date and end date fields, and click "Invite".
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