Core Facilities

Role: All users

The Core Facilities link in the left-hand side navigation‍ will list all cores that are live in iLab and can be accessed by users. From this list, users can find cores both within their own organization as well as at other institutions.

If your institution uses iLab and you need access to facilities at other institutions, but the scope selector is not showing the cores list, you can use our Troubleshooting Assistant to search the external facilities page.

  1. Hamburger Icon: Clicking on this icon opens the left hand navigation panel.
  2. Scope selector: From this drop-down, you can select the scope used for listing cores. For most users, the options will include "Cores at My Institutions" as well as "Cores at Other Institutions". Some institutions may also have configured select "Partner Institutions" or even a broader "Partner Network", which would add corresponding entries. 
  3. Search table: Type (part of) a name of a core to only list those cores. Note that the search only applies to the current scope (e.g. to search for cores at other institutions, you need to first select that as the scope as discussed above).
  4. Core list: The main area will display a list of the selected cores. Click on a core name to go directly to that core. 
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