Protocols Settings

Role: Core Administrator

A research protocol is a document that describes the background, rationale, objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations, and organization of a clinical research project. For example, Animal Acquisition uses protocols to define what animals are to be used for specific projects, how many can be used, etc.

As a core administrator, you may decide whether you would like to display the Protocols sub-tab in Administration .

  • Enable the protocols tab on the core page: Define this field as YES if you would like to add the Protocols tab to the core home page.
  • Override protocols tab name: Enter a title here if you would like to rename the Protocols tab. In this case, we have renamed it Imaging Protocols.Now that the tab displays, users can click on the tab to view any research protocols associated with this core.Clicking the protocol name will open the protocol so you may view the details and update if necessary. Note that, if you have multiple protocols, you may use the filters to narrow your search.

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