Contacting Support

Role: All users

iLab users access support resources, contact support and review their tickets in a number of ways:

Access iLab Support Portal

The central iLab support portal can be reached from within iLab by clicking on the HELP link in the upper-right of the screen:

This will bring you to iLab's support portal with a number of support options:

  1. Search: Search your tickets by number or by name from the Search bar
  2. Help Site: Brings you to this help site
  3. System Status: Directs you to a page that shows the status of all iLab systems, with notes on recent events that would have impacted performance
  4. Contact iLab Support By Phone: Directs you to the help site article with all the support phone numbers by region
  5. Webinars: Access iLab webinar series to learn more about a wide range of system areas
  6. Submit a Ticket: Submit a ticket directly in our ticketing system (see below). 
  7. Review Tickets: Review all of your tickets (and also your organization's tickets if you are an Institutional Administrator)
  8. Issue Tracking: Here you can track major issues that are or have impacted workflow in iLab.
  9. Chat: Have an online conversation with a support agent

Submit a Ticket Through the Portal

To submit a ticket, click the "Submit a Ticket" button on the support portal. This will open up the New Ticket window:

The Subject field should contain relevant information briefly describing the issue or request. The Description should contain detailed pertinent information describing the nature of the request, to enable our Support staff to quickly evaluate your request.

You may add a screen recording to your ticket by clicking the circle “Record” button.  This will allow you to record your screen, as well as to optionally narrate with your voice, to show exactly what questions or issues you may have.  The recording will be embedded directly in the ticket, and has a maximum of 5 minutes.  The first time you use screen recording, you will be prompted to install a browser extension.

To add attachments, just click on ‘Drop files here or click to upload’ button and navigate to the required file and upload it into the ticket.  You may drag and drop to this space as well, and attach multiple files.

Once have have completed the form, click on "Submit Ticket". You will receive an e-mail notification with your ticket number, and you will be updated by e-mail of all responses to your ticket. 

Submit a Ticket by E-mail

You can also submit a ticket to iLab by e-mail. Use the following e-mail address:

Note that issues submitted by e-mail will create a ticket in the same ticketing system, so you can later review and update the status from the support portal. 

Review Support Tickets

You can view all of the tickets you have submitted directly from the support portal by clicking on the "Review Tickets" button. This will open up the ticket review panel (some columns have been masked):

  1. Ticket filter: By default, you will see all of your open tickets. However, you can also choose to review your closed tickets or all tickets. If you are an Institutional Administrator, you will also see options to view all open tickets and closed tickets across your entire organization (i.e. tickets submitted by all other users at your institution). 
  2. Search: Enter terms like ticket number or partial name to filter the list of tickets
  3. Export CSV: download the visible list of tickets to a CSV file 
  4. Ticket list: Show all the tickets based on the applied filter criteria. Click on the ticket name or number to review the detailed ticket status and history.

Chat with a Support Agent

From the bottom-right of the support portal, you can initiate a chat session with a support agent. Complete the required sections of the chat form and click submit to be connect with the first available agent. 

Reach iLab by phone

The iLab support team can be reached directly by phone 24-hours per day during business days. Outside of business days, the phone line can be used to escalate urgent issues. To do so, follow the corresponding system prompts. Please use the appropriate number from the list below:

Country: iLab Support Phone:
U.S.A. +1-800-690-2957
Australia +61-1800-572-319
France 0800-918-672
Germany 0800-181-9513
Norway 800-15105
Spain 900-958-741
U.K. 0808-234-2050
China +86-400-820-0661 or +86-800-820-0661

Issue Tracking

In Issue Tracking you can see the progress and details of large issues that may impact your workflow in iLab. When you click on the Issue Track box you will be directed to the list of issues organized by platform they occur(ed) on.

Once you locate the issue you would like more information on, click on the issue description. This will bring up the details for the issue and the work done to resolve it.

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